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As her daughter no doubt learned long ago, Courtney Love man make you say “WTF?” in 18 different languages without even trying.

Was Courtney calling Marilyn Manson gay last month not weird enough for you? Then how about an nice shot of Courtney talking ’bout sex with a dead man?

Some backstory might be necessary before we go any further:

You see, a new Kurt Cobain documentary entitled Montage of Heck is set to debut on HBO next month.

Given how thoroughly HBO has been killing it in the documentary department lately, many involved have high hopes for the film’s success, and those closest to the legendary Nirvana frontman have been fulfilling their promotional duties by opening up about life with Kurt like never before.

Last week, Frances Bean Cobain revealed that she doesn’t like Nirvana and doesn’t believe her father was the tortured genius he’s so often made out to be.

Today, Courtney tried to do her one-up her daughter by informing the world that Kurt was never all apologies in bed:

“Seeing [Montage of Heck] f–ked me up,” Love said in a recent interview. “I remembered the sexual relationship, which, as you know is thr core of any good marriage. I don’t have a boyfriend right now, so I’m single…He’s a hard asct to follow.”

Did Courtney Love just blame her singleness on the fact that her husband who’s been dead for 21 years was just too amazing in the sack?

Not to take anything away from Kurt, but we can think of so, so many reasons that you’re single, Courtney.