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The new Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck premieres on HBO on May 4, and at the moment, that seems like an eternity  from now.

And it’s not because the doc has gotten rave reviews and we’re looking forward to see it (though that’s certainly true).

No, the real reason we want this thing to just hit the damn air already is because Courtney Love has been promoting it non-stop, and every time she opens up her meth mouth to spew some insanity about her late husband, it gets more and more depressing.

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Last week, Courtney talked about sex with Kurt, and though her heart was in the right place (we guess), sharing intimate details about bonin’ a guy who’s been dead for 21 years will always make people wonder if you’re off your meds.

Now, the murderous Ms. Love is going full-TMI on the topic of her marriage yet again, and her latest comments are unlikely to win her many new fans.

"My desire to cheat on Kurt made him suicidal," said Love in a recent interview. "I never, never cheated on him, but I certainly wanted to one time in London."

Yeah…claiming that you desperately wanted to cheat on your dead husband is bad enough. Claiming that you drove him to suicide is just downright evil.

Of course, Love has been accused of murdering Cobain in the past, (Her own father is among the many who think she put out a hit on Kurt.), and she’s spent decades defending herself against the charges.

So admitting – after all this time – that she was somehow involved in his death is an act of Robert Durst-ian insanity, and it’s enough to make us think that 50 years of living like Courtney Love has finally gotten to Courtney Love.