Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 Recap: The Green Wedding

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Forget a white wedding. Take a seat, red wedding.

On Arrow Season 3 Episode 22, it appeared very much as if viewers would be treated to a green wedding.

Or were they?!?

We opened on Wednesday night by learning that Oliver has been putting on an act for Ra’s. But there’s another immediate twist on the way: he’s actually working with Malcolm!

Because he thinks it will be difficult for his friends to believe him, Oliver sent Tatsu to Starling City to warn his friends that their home is in danger.

The gang is a bit hesitant to believe Oliver, but they then arrive in Nanda Parbat and don’t exactly get a hero’s welcome from The League.

During this epic showdown (in which Tatsu killes Maseo), Felicity tries to hack into the plane that will be transporting the virus.

Eventually, our friends are captured and chained, with Oliver still having to play his evil part. 

He tells them about his wedding to Nyssa, prompting Felicity to break down and he has trouble convincing Diggle that he’s still on their side (“You lost my trust, you lost my respect,” Diggle says in response.).

Malcolm, meanwhile, actually tells Ra’s that Oliver has been leading him on this entire time. So Ra’s forces Oliver to release the virus in the prison cell as a way to prove his loyalty. And he does so!

And then Al Sah-him marries a reluctant Nyssa while his pals are passing out!

It's safe to say we're excited to see where this all goes on Arrow Season 3 Episode 23.

Elsewhere on the episode, as you'll see when you watch Arrow online, Thea finds Roy, who is now living a regular life as a dude named Jason.

After they get it on Thea wakes up alone… except for a note from Roy and the Arsenal jacket. The note reads: "I always thought red was more your color anyway."

Also,  prior to leaving for Nanda Parbat, Ray has Felicity blindly sign some paperwork, which turns out to be for transfer of ownership.

Silly, Felicity!

Don't you know to always read what you sign?!?

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