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Terrence Howard says his former wife Michelle Ghent extorted him and threatened to expose his genitals to this world unless he paid up.

Luckily for Ghent, Howard only fired this salvo via legal documents. His Empire alter ego Lucious Lyon probably would’ve just offed her.

All kidding aside, this ugly celebrity split is getting even uglier …

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Terrence is now re-married to Miranda Howard (pictured), but his divorce from Ghent has made news for a lot longer than that marriage lasted.

He’s embroiled in a spousal support war with Michelle, who got five years worth of support for a union that only lasted a year – well above normal.

The actor says he agreed to that generous deal because Michelle Ghent extorted him, and he claims some of that alleged extortion is on tape.

Before she was flat-out threatening to kill Terrence Howard, the duo were bickering about the amount of support that the actor would pay her.

She threatened to release naked photos and videos of him unless she got what she wanted, he says, according to his attorney Brian Kramer.

Terrence says he secretly recorded her saying, "I can make a good $2 million right now … you want to see your little d–k out there in front of TV?"

Moreover, Howard says he also has her on tape saying she will tell every woman in the world he gave her an STD … and might murder his ass.

She supposedly says, "Trust me, you’re f–king with the wrong person. You f–ked with me way too much. I will f–king bury you deep in the ground."

The long and short of this? In making these claims, Terrence wants the judge to throw out the pact they made so he doesn’t have to pay any more.

The spousal support settlement lasts for another year, and she’ll continue to siphon a portion of his earnings as long as the deal is in place.

Given how many people watch Empire online, his earnings are likely to be huge in 2015-16, so there’s a lot riding on the outcome for both.