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If you’ve read The Bachelorette spoilers, or heck, even just the news lately, you know the big twist that will kick off this season of the ABC hit.

Two Bachelorettes. 25 Guys. 50 Shades of Cray!

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson are about to debut as The Bachelorette(s), and the former candidly admits she was not thrilled to share the stage.

Kaitlyn and Britt

Unexpected, shocked, intimidated. These were all words used by Kaitlyn (left) to describe the moment she found out Britt would be her co-star.

Bristowe was the consensus front-runner for The Bachelorette, after all, and was as blindsided by the producers’ new wrinkle as the rest of us.

"It was definitely unexpected, and I was shocked … I was kind of just beside myself, because I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t excited about it."

"I just really had to take a step back," Kaitlyn said of the "new normal" she was confronted with, "and think of the light at the end of the tunnel."

After doing that, she gained perspective.

"To be honest, it felt like it took the pressure off a little bit, which is a weird thing to say," Bristowe said of appearing on the show with Nilsson.

"I think there’s more pressure on the guys … like, who do they go to first? They don’t even know us. So, I feel like it’s just the pressure off us."

Her opponent Nilsson, meanwhile, says she was conflicted about coming back, but was fueled by the initial spark she had with Chris Soules.

"It’s a huge decision," she said. "But overwhelmingly, I just felt like it was the right decision. I felt like it was, you know, [it was] the next step."

"I kind of saw love happening [and] I felt it was an amazing opportunity. So, I wanted to weigh it but I felt like it was good from the beginning."

Nilsson says she, too, was a bit off kilter.

"I mean, the situation is nerve-racking," Britt admits. "You’re going to meet 25 people, and they’re there for you. And yes, Kaitlyn is awesome."

"She’s also a little bit intimidating, of course. But, I mean, honestly, I just felt like this is such a big deal when looking for like a life partner."

"It’s … I can’t do it wrong. All I can do is be myself. So, honestly, I wasn’t as nervous as I was expecting to be when it came down to it."

Despite "a brief moment before we went in to see all the guys after the limo entrances," Britt says she and Kaitlyn didn’t have time to bond.

"But, you know, we didn’t really talk too much about anything," Nilsson adds. "We were just kind of standing there being like, this is crazy."

As for the winner of the guys’ vote, which reportedly sends one of the two ladies packing at the end of Monday night’s two-hour opener?

"We didn’t even know there was going to be voting," Nilsson said. "So, none of those fears even came up. We just were totally in, you know?"

"Chris Harrison always likes to tell you it kind of at the last minute how it’s going to go down. So, we didn’t really have a lot of time to be afraid of anything."

"We were just … you know, all right, here we go and the guys started getting out of the limo. We didn’t have time to process any of that."

Follow THG’s links to learn who prevails (not to mention the final three shocker we’re hearing about), and check out pics of both beauties below:

The guys have apparently spoken and made their decision, but how about you: Who do you think should be The Bachelorette this season?