Jon Gosselin: Seeking FULL Custody of Daughter Hannah!

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Jon Gosselin is seeking full custody of his daughter Hannah, according to reports confirming that this week's crazy rumors were at least partially true.

Jon is the Man
Kate Gosselin Waves

A few days ago, the Internet ran wild over a report that Jon was granted emergency custody of one of his kids, following a complaint surrounding Kate.

The complaint allegedly involved the female Gosselin's "cruelty."

There’s no word on why Jon, 38, is specifically seeking custody of Hannah and not all of his other children, but will TLC rename the show Kate Plus 7?

The duo raised all eight of their kids on the TLC hit Jon and Kate Plus 8 before their marriage fell apart and became the ugliest celebrity split of all time.

Kate Gosselin and Jeff Prescott are dating, while Jon is single following a string of failures in work and life that left him broke and briefly homeless.

He has gotten his act together a bit lately, though.

Jon is working as a DJ and feels he's in a much better place these days than in recent years. The oft-troubled father of eight said in a recent interview:

"The truth is I made poor financial decisions, but I am living in a home. I've got to figure out who I am. Being a father, devoting my time toward my kids."

“I’m dating myself right now. I don’t even know myself ... I’ve always been with a woman. There is no real relationship [with Kate], like we don’t talk."

"[Co-parenting is] just not working at this point in time. I think we both wanted different things. I wanted to settle down and kind of get off TV for a while."

"She wanted to further her career."

That's a nice way of putting it.

Jon has been at odds with Kate for YEARS. It's unclear what she allegedly did to Hannah, though you can expect the rumors to surface quickly.

As for that weird Tweet Kate posted and deleted about Jon, that has never been explained either, but clearly tension is boiling between them.

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