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Things can always be a little scary on reality television shows.  Often, there is a desperation among the contestants that can lead to questionable, made-for-tv drama.

But things got a little too scary during a live German television model casting show featuring model Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum Black Dress Pic
Photo via Ivan Nikolov/

While filming the live show Germany’s Next Top Model, a woman called in a bomb threat!

TV channel ProSieben immediately cut the show off the air, claiming there were “technical problems.”

However, on Friday, police stated that it was not a tech issue; an anonymous person called in a bomb threat.

Approximately 8,500 people were evacuated from the SAP Arena in Mannheim, where the show is filmed. Officials found a suitcase near a dressing room. Luckily, its contents were nothing dangerous, and the owner was quickly located.

No other suspicious objects were found.

After the emergency, Klum tweeted, "Dear GNT fans, unfortunately the evening didn’t end the way I wanted! Safety comes first!"  We are glad everyone is okay!!

Could it have been a jealous Tyra???  Just kidding!