Grey's Anatomy Fans Urge Boycott Over Patrick Dempsey Firing, McDreamy Death

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Some Grey’s Anatomy fans are boycotting the ABC medical drama after show creator Shonda Rhimes killed off beloved character Dr. Derek Shepherd.

Of course, she also fired Patrick Dempsey, for all intents and purposes, so it's not like this was simply a creative decision - or she can take it back.

Patrick Dempsey on Grey's

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online ... wow, we feel sorry for you.

It's been quite a month, and we empathize with your frustration.

Not only was Derek Shepherd killed off, at that point the show skipped the grieving process altogether and jumped forward in time by a year.

It's no secret that Dempsey wasn’t getting along with producers and co-stars, and that he had long talked about moving on from the series.

Still, loyal Grey’s Anatomy fans were shocked by abruptness of the the unexpected plot twist that killed off the show's central male character.

Dr. Derek Shepherd has been a figurehead on Grey’s Anatomy since the show premiered 10 springs ago, and Dempsey a household name.

Things began to unravel this year, however, with the actor written out of nearly half a season as his character went to work in Washington.

By the time he returned, and had seemingly turned new leaf with his fellow doctors and wife, Meredith, he was crushed by a car last month.

Mer soon made the painful decision to take him off of life support.

Fans are still reeling. Almost as soon as Derek breathed his last, an internet petition to bring back McDreamy boasted more than 25,000 signatures.

Not that there's any love lost on the actor's part, from what it sounds like to us. In a recent interview, he declared, “I like the way it played out.”

Guess Shonda had little choice, although you can still question the way in which it was handled, and whether she should have tipped off fans.

Either way, it's hard to see what a boycott will do in this case.

So go ahead and protest if it makes you feel better, diehard McDreamy lovers and MerDer 'shippers ... for an actor who doesn't want to return. At all.

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