Grey's Anatomy Fans Petition for Return of McDreamy: Bring Him Back or Else!

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Bring McDreamy McBack... McNow!

Following the stunning death of Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 21 last Thursday, a group of insane passionate have launched a petition on

Their goal? To have Patrick Dempsey's beloved surgeon returned to Seattle. Their reasoning?

“It’s like you’ve killed the President of Grey’s Anatomy!” petition creator Courtney Williams writes. “YOU HAVE TO BRING DEREK BACK! NOW! IMMEDIATELY!”

Very Dead Derek

Shonda Rhimes chose to kill Derek off because Dempsey made it clear for several months that he was unhappy on the program.

Reliable sources even claimed Dempsey got suspended for multiple episodes (his character was sent to Washington D.C.) due to the actor's "diva-like" behavior on set.

And in an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dempsey seemed very content with his departure.

So the star didn't want to be on the show. And the creator didn't want a star on the show who didn't want to be on the show.

And yet some fans are pushing, via petition, for Rhimes to make last week's episode a "dream" or a "hallucination." we'll let one signee explain why:

“You do NOT get to toy with our lives and emotions like this Shonda, NO! That is NOT RIGHT! How do you sleep at night?!?!!”

We're guessing she sleeps comfortably on a huge pile of money. But we can't say for certain.

Go watch Grey's Anatomy online to see how the series killed Derek off and then respond: Should they somehow bring him back?!?

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