Strange But True News Hall of Fame

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These stories are first ballot inductees into the Strange But True News Hall of Fame. Enjoy it!

1. Student Gets Stuck in Vagina

Student Gets Stuck in Vagina
In this photo, an American student on vacation in Germany gets rescued by the fire department after getting stuck in the model of a vagina.

2. Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Dog Poops Mid-Flight

Steve McCall, a passenger on U.S. Airways Flight 598 which made an emergency landing after a dog pooped on the airplane, speaks to Inside Edition.

3. Crystal Metheney Gets Arrested!

Crystal Metheney Gets Arrested!
A woman actually named Crystal Metheney was arrested in Florida in May 2014. On charges of firing a missile into a car.

4. Ray Tomlinson Continues Road Trip After Girlfriend Dies

Ray Tomlinson was driving across the country with his girlfriend and his elderly mother. Not far into the 1,900-mile trip, Tomlinson’s girlfriend died in the passenger seat, but he decided not to stop.

5. Sleeping Fan Sues for $10 Million

Sleeping Fan Sues for $10 Million
A fan fell asleep during a Yankees/Red Sox game. He then sued ESPN for $10 million because he was unhappy over comments made by the announcers.

6. Drunk Man Tries to Urinate Out of Cop Car Window

Devin Langford, a drunk man in custody, tried to urinate out of the rear passenger side window of a moving police car because he was drunk. It did not go as planned.

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