Strange But True News Hall of Fame

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These stories are first ballot inductees into the Strange But True News Hall of Fame. Enjoy it!

1. Student Gets Stuck in Vagina

Student Gets Stuck in Vagina
In this photo, an American student on vacation in Germany gets rescued by the fire department after getting stuck in the model of a vagina.

2. Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Dog Poops Mid-Flight

Steve McCall, a passenger on U.S. Airways Flight 598 which made an emergency landing after a dog pooped on the airplane, speaks to Inside Edition.

3. Crystal Metheney Gets Arrested!

Crystal Metheney Gets Arrested!
A woman actually named Crystal Metheney was arrested in Florida in May 2014. On charges of firing a missile into a car.

4. Ray Tomlinson Continues Road Trip After Girlfriend Dies

Ray Tomlinson was driving across the country with his girlfriend and his elderly mother. Not far into the 1,900-mile trip, Tomlinson’s girlfriend died in the passenger seat, but he decided not to stop.

5. Sleeping Fan Sues for $10 Million

Sleeping Fan Sues for $10 Million
A fan fell asleep during a Yankees/Red Sox game. He then sued ESPN for $10 million because he was unhappy over comments made by the announcers.

6. Drunk Man Tries to Urinate Out of Cop Car Window

Devin Langford, a drunk man in custody, tried to urinate out of the rear passenger side window of a moving police car because he was drunk. It did not go as planned.

7. Drunk Man Uses $20 Bill as Cell Phone

How drunk was one man when stopped by police? He pulled out a $20 bill and used it as a phone.

8. Burglar Logs Into Facebook During Robbery, Gets Caught

Well done, Nicholas Wig. So very well done. You just had to check your Facebook in mid-robbery.

9. Thief Posts Selfie in Stolen Dress, Gets Arrested

This Illinois woman stole dresses from a store and then posted selfies in those dresses. She proceeded to get arrested.

10. Woman Calls 911, Tries to Sleep with Officer

A woman featured in this video called 911 because she wanted an officer to have sex with her and he refused. Really, that's what happened.

11. Teen Lives in Walmart for Days

Here's an unusual story for you: a teen in Texas ran away and lived in a Walmart for days before anyone realized what was going on.

12. Woman Sleeps With Dead Husband's Corpse For a YEAR

This woman kept her dead husband's corpse and slept next to it for a full year. You might describe that as unusual.

13. Toddler Undergoes Surgery to Remove Dandelion From Ear

A toddler in Beijing, China underwent surgery to remove a dandelion which had been growing in her ear.

14. Jasmine Tridevil: Florida Woman Gets Third Breast to Become "Unattractive to Men" (And Land Reality Show)

Jasmine Tridevil: Florida Woman Gets Third Breast to Become "Unattractive to Men" (And Land Reality Show)
Jasmine Tridevil is a Florida woman who had a third breast surgically implanted between her other two. She says she hopes to land an MTV reality show.

15. Family Dollar Manager GOES OFF on Shoplifters

The manager of a Michigan Family Dollar store berates a group of shoplifters in an epic viral video that must be seen to be believed.

16. Man Pulls Gun on Bike-Riding Neighbor, Daughter

A Minnesota man and his daughter were accosted by a neighbor who pulled a gun on them.

17. Pizza Guy Urinates on Customer Door

A pizza delivery guy urinates on a customer's door after not getting a tip. Classy.

18. Pilot Orders Pizza

Pilot Orders Pizza
How cool is this?!? The pilot of a delated Frontier Airlines flight in Wyoming ordered pizza for the everyone on board in July 2014.

19. Andre Johnson Cut Off Penis Because ...

Andre Johnson finally opened up about the reasons behind cutting his own penis off and jumping off of a building in a failed suicide attempt.

20. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Lost at Sea

Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Monday that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flew along the southern corridor and its last location was in the Southern Indian Ocean west of Perth. He said the families of the 239 people on the flight, missing since March 8, have been informed.

21. Miley Cyrus Eats Fan's Thong

Miley Cyrus put a thong in her mouth during a stop on her Bangerz tour. We wish this was being made up.

22. Jeremy Meeks Mug Shot

Jeremy Meeks is the most popular inmate on the history of Facebook. What a hot mug shot!

23. Charlie Bothuell Found; Father Reacts on Nancy Grace

Charlie Bothuell's father learns that the missing boy was found, live on the air with a disbelieving Nancy Grace.

24. Florida Man Runs Strip Club from Barbershop

Florida Man Runs Strip Club from Barbershop
Derrick Price is a Florida resident who got arrested in the summer of 2014 for running a strip club. From his barbershop.

25. Nurse Arrested For Sex With Corpse

A nurse was arrested for allegedly having sex with a corpse. Seriously.

26. Dress Code Breaker!

Dress Code Breaker!
This little boy was thrown out of a restaurant in Atlanta for wearing this shirt. Because it has no sleeves.

27. Teacher Suspended for Twerking

A teacher has been suspended for Twerking. Wait... what?!? Watch this video for more.

28. Jeremiah Heaton Picture

Jeremiah Heaton Picture
Jeremiah Heaton is a resident of Virginia. But he purchased a peace of land in The Middle East specifically to crown his daughter its princess. Impressive, huh?

29. Florida Couple Arrested for Having Sex on Beach

This Florida couple was arrested after having sex on the beach. In front of many onlookers, Including children.

30. Brother-Sister/Man-Wife

This is the blurred-out photo of a couple in Brazil. After seven years of marriage, they both discovered their birthday mother... and learned they are brother and sister.

31. Swastika in a Chicken Sandwich

Swastika in a Chicken Sandwich
Yes, this a butter-made Swastika placed inside a McDonald's chicken sandwich. The employee who did it got fired, don't worry.

32. Single Mom Convinces Car Thief to Return Vehicle

This woman had her car stolen. She then sent text messages to the thief and got it back.

33. Drug Deal Fail!

Drug Deal Fail!
A man in Tennessee was caught dealing drugs after he butt dialed 911 IN THE MIDDLE OF A DRUG DEAL!

34. Woman Masturbates in Car, Slams Into M&J Seafood Truck

Woman Masturbates in Car, Slams Into M&J Seafood Truck
A woman in Gloucestershire, England got into a car accident over the weekend. She lost control of her car because she was masturbating behind the wheel.

35. A Disruption at Denny's

A Disruption at Denny's
This is a mug shot of a woman named Natasha West. She was arrested in Denny's after flipping out at a waitress over an all-you-can-eat pancake deal.

36. Pantsless Man Watches Porn While Driving, Dies in Car Accident

Pantsless Man Watches Porn While Driving, Dies in Car Accident
A driver in Detroit was trying to watch pornography while driving. He ended up getting into a fatal car accident.

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