Blac Chyna: I Will FIGHT Kylie Jenner When She Turns 18!

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Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna's feud has kicked back into high gear, with rumors flying that Tyga's baby mama wants to physically fight his new girlfriend.

As soon as she's legal, that is. Circle August 10 on Blac's GCal.

Kylie Jenner Spandex

While Blac Chyna recently started dating boxer J'Leon Love, that doesn't mean she's not out for blood when it comes to her baby daddy's new piece.

In fact, maybe J'Leon's chosen profession has inspired her.

For a period this spring, Blac trolling Kylie on Instagram was a regular occurrence, but the burgeoning feud appeared to have cooled off until yesterday.

After Chyna posted a photo of herself posing in a pair of white spandex pants and a crop top (above), Kylie responded in kind with the photo at right.

The sultry teen captioned the photo, “snap.” Coincidence?

This could be nothing, absolutely, but posting a photo of herself in nearly the exact same outfit within two hours of her beau’s baby mama's picture?

While flaunting her possible engagement ring on a trip to Europe WITH Tyga? Who is reportedly pretty pissed off at Blac himself these days?

Sure feels like some passive-aggressive pot stirring to us.

If it is, Kylie may want to take heed and step down, because rumor has it Blac is counting down the days until the reality star becomes a legal adult.

That way, if they come face-to-face, she can righteously whomp her Calabasas ass into submission without fear of pesky child abuse charges.

This latest Chyna rumor may be our favorite yet, because it illustrates how personal and heated this beef is, even if she's dating someone else.

Kylie can have Tyga, but as Blac sees things, this pretentious little Insta-brat still needs to get slapped around a little and knocked down a peg.

Tyga, meanwhile, can't wait until she's 18 for different reasons. Tyga and Kylie are not engaged (that we know of, at this moment) but give it time.

You know. Until his broke ass actually makes some hit records and Kris Jenner signs off on this creepy relationship officially.

Age is just a number, but it's the size of his bank that counts.

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