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Valeria Lukyanova has returned to make haters envious once again of her self-proclaimed perfect body.

The woman best known as Human Barbie has shared three new pictures on Facebook, the first of which features her handling a snake… for some reason.

It’s nice to see she’s found a friend, isn’t it?

Valeria Lukyanova with a Snake

Lukyanova hadn’t been heard from in awhile, but then posted some new pictures online earlier this month.

As is so often the case when Human Barbie makes a viral appearance, Lukyanova received a great deal of backlash for her very skinny frame and very fake body parts.

But she just brushed off these haters, saying she feels sorry for anyone who heads down a "path of degradation."

Valeria Lukyanova in the Sun
Valeria Lukyanova as Human Barbie

She has said previously that her new goal is to become more of an "Amazon woman" with a "warlike figure."

We’re not entirely sure what that means, but we’re a little bit scared. Okay: we’re a lot bit scared.

Check out the pair of new Human Barbie pictures above, as Lukyanova strikes some poses in the sun, and then click through out growing collection below: