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Earlier today, we learned that Teresa Giudice may be denied early release from prison thanks to her husband’s disastrous interactions with federal investigators.

Now, it looks as though she’s decided that if she has to be stuck in prison for longer than expected, she can at least get sprung from her sham of a marriage.

An inmate who was recently released from Danbury Correctional Institution tells Radar Online that Teresa is planning to divorce Joe, and she refuses to wait until her sentence is over to get the ball rolling.

“She has had lawyers come at times,” the inmate says. “After one came, they said it was a divorce lawyer.”

Rumors of trouble in the Giudices’ marriage have been circulating for years, and their situation certainly wasn’t helped by the recent rumors that Joe is cheating on Teresa while she’s locked up.

According to Radar’s source, however, the final straw was the fact that Joe would schedule visits and then stand Teresa up.

His inability or unwillingness to follow through on planned visitation times has meant that Teresa has often been forced to go several weeks without seeing her children.

The insider says she’s often returned to her cell looking visibly upset.

“I haven’t seen her cry,” the source says. “I’ve seen her upset a little bit, but not really breaking down or anything like that.”

Yes, Joe can’t even make good on his minimal husbandly duties while his wife is behind bars. No wonder he wants to keep her locked up as long as possible.