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Long before their legal troubles began, there were lots of ups and downs in the marriage of Joe and Teresa Giudice.

It’s even been rumored that Joe planned to divorce Teresa before she headed off to prison, but didn’t, simply out fear that both of them would lose custody of their four daughters.

So he’s still hitched, but clearly, Joe’s heart is not in his marriage. Thus, it’s not much of a surprise that there are reports going around claiming that Joe recently cheated on his wife with a Jersey blonde named Jamie Jackson.

Teresa and Louie

“This is Teresa’s worst nightmare come true,” a source close to the situation tells In Touch. The insider adds that Joe and Jamie recently met over lunch and Joe immediately told a friend that he “really, really liked her.”

Joe cheating on Teresa is nothing new, but the source says things are particularly bad this time around, as Teresa isn’t around to put a stop to things, and she fears Joe will have developed serious feelings for Jamie by the time she is released from prison next year.

The source claims that with Teresa gone, Joe is making no effort to conceal his feelings for Jamie, and the two of them poured on the PDA during a recent group outing.

“They were full-on making out in front of the group,” says one witness. “They were chugging margaritas and were drunk out of their minds.”

A friend of Teresa’s says the only good thing about her being locked up is the fact that she’s now able to look at her marriage in a more objective light, which allows her to better understand the truth about Joe.

“The distance she has in prison gives her a new perspective,” says the insider. “She sees Joe more clearly, and she won’t tolerate his infidelity.”

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