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Back in January, Suge Knight was arrested for murder following a hit-and-run that claimed the life of one of his longtime associates.

Suge’s bail was set at $25 million, which is an obscene amount of cash, even by hip hop mogul standards.

Suge Knight Pointing
Photo via Winston Burris/

Diddy could probably cover that by emptying out the gold coins in the cupholder of his Bentley, but Suge came up short and was forced to remain behind bars.

It was beginning to look as though Knight would never be a free man again (the chances that he’ll be able to sway a jury to his side once the case goes to trial are slim to none), but today, the former Death Row CEO caught his first break in a long time.

TMZ is reporting that Suge’s bail was reduced to just $10 million, which means he could be sprung as early as today.

It’s been a while since Suge produced a hit, and he may not have the 10 mill readily available, but he still has a lot of wealthy friends, and if he can come up with more than half that sum, he’ll probably be able to find a bail bondsman who will pony up the rest.

Good news for Suge, particularly as he’s said to be suffering from health problems resulting from in incident in August in which he was shot six times

It’s been a rough year for Suge.