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Suge Knight’s bail was set at $25 million after prosecutors made the case that he is dangerous, and has been well before he killed a man in a hit and run.

Calling him a "prolific and unrepentant criminal," prosecutor Cynthia Barnes filed a mountain of paperwork this week to support her position on the matter.

Barnes claims he was angry when he over and killed Terry Carter, and a look at the shocking Suge Knight hit and run video does little to dispel that theory.

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She claims he was upset about not receiving any money for his likeness that was used in Dr. Dre’s movie, Straight Outta Compton, and flew into a rage.

One that isn’t even that uncommon for Suge and his "shameless life of crime."

Her argument, heard Friday morning in a Los Angeles courtroom, cited a staggering 31 incidents in the last decade in which Knight was linked to violence.

She also submitted more than two dozen police reports that link Suge to extortion, robbery, assault, battery, witness intimidation and who knows what else.

Oh, and Barnes says Suge has laundered more than $10 million since 2002.

Knight’s attorney, Matt Fletcher, countered that the D.A. must watch Empire online, and is trying to play up the negative public perception of Knight.

Yes, he liked Suge to Lucious Lyon, who was arrested on the Empire finale.

Fletcher also pointed the finger at Cle "Bone" Sloan, one of the men Knight ran over, referencing Bone’s statement to police that he "f–ked Suge up."

Knight is in poor health, he says, and complains about living in solitary with no hot water, no blanket and only sporadic showers. Still, back he goes for now.

At trial, Knight is expected to claim he was ambushed by gunmen prior to the incident and that he is going blind due to lack of medical care, but will a jury buy it?

UPDATE: Per TMZ, Suge collapsed after the hearing, and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. His current status is unknown. Story developing …