New Emojis Released by Apple: Where's the Middle Finger?!?

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Yay for diversity!

Boo for the lack of ability to flip someone off via text message or Instagram post!

Apple released iOS 8.3 to the public on Wednesday, finally providing folks with racially diverse characters after months of complaints that included a memorable Saturday Night Live skit.

New Emojis

But even though individuals can now select from over 300 new emojis (including 32 additional country flags and faces/hand gestures with different skin tones), many are angry over what is NOT included in the update:

A middle fingerĀ emoji.

Yes, it's vulgar. And, no, we don't want to give children the wrong idea.

But the following Twitter messages in response to the exclusion make it clear that Apple users are very upset the universal Eff You symbol did not make the cut...

  • wtf they don't have a middle finger emoji. now I can't be a badass. (@epPaulZimmer
  • We have black emojis now but still NO MIDDLE FINGER. I'm pretty sure all races would appreciate a middle finger emoji. (@lizbrody)
  • iOS 8.3, I don't care about the diverse colors of the thumbs up. All I want is the middle finger emoji. Sincerely, every iPhone owner. (@Dyl_pickle360)
  • I haven't downloaded IOS 8.3 but happy there's homosexuals and other races and flags but yo where the Middle finger emoji and black heart. (@Yays4haters)

And then there was this reaction:

Sad Face

We'd love to join in the angry chorus and let Apple know how we feel.

But the company hasn't provided us with theĀ emoji necessary to do this. Dammit!

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