37 Hilarious Text Message Fails by Mom

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Poor mothers. They try to get that whole texting thing right, but they often end up failing miserably.

1. LOL Fail

LOL Fail
No, parents everywhere. LOL does not stand for "Lots of Love." Not at all.

2. WTF Fail

WTF Fail
Well, this is a fantastic example of generation confusion.

3. Change Google!

Change Google!
What? Don't all kids have the power to change the Google logo?

4. Spacing Out

Spacing Out
If only there were a space bar or some obvious way to make a space between words...

5. Sink Poop?

Sink Poop?
This mother is very concerned about her child pooping in the sink. Not exactly. But still.

6. Twi-Mom Alert!

Twi-Mom Alert!
This mother wins the Internet. It's as simple as that.

7. TMI!!!!!

We're pretty sure the phrase "TMI" was invented for this text message alone.

8. Brother Banging

Brother Banging
This darn phone just scarred a child for life.

9. Stiffy vs. Swiffer

Stiffy vs. Swiffer
A stiffy after 30 years of marriage would actually be a great present, right, ladies?

10. Big Tits

Big Tits
See you at 11, okay? Because that won't be awkward at all.

11. The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life
And really, isn't that the greatest gift of all? Does she HAVE TO do anything else?

12. OUCH!

Think the mom will try to play this off as an April Fool's joke, too?


Mom and dad like to get a little freaky! Which would definitely make Brit Brit cry.

14. IDK

Just Google it, okay!? But don't be that mom who begs the Google doodle to stop changing.

15. Mother's Intuition

Mother's Intuition
This mom's gaydar is either very, very right or very, very wrong.

16. Surprise Ruiner

Surprise Ruiner
She can still ACT surprised, right?

17. Whoring Around

Whoring Around
"I raised you better than that" is a punch to the face like "I'm so disappointed in you."

18. Wine Time

Wine Time
This kid is going to NEED that wine after this text convo.

19. Sittin' On The Cock of the Bay

Sittin' On The Cock of the Bay
I'll show you mine if you show me yours? Wait..what?

20. If You Shake It More Than Twice...

If You Shake It More Than Twice...
You're probably definitely playing with it.

21. Time To Move

Time To Move
This is not a thing children ever want to know about. EVER.

22. Taliban Catastrophe!

Taliban Catastrophe!
Is there a war happening in this kitchen?

23. Cruel!

Or totally genius! (We're going with genius. 2 Points for mom!)

24. Intruder Alert

Intruder Alert
This mom should probably thank her lucky stars her daughter didn't have a gun or this could have gone horribly wrong.

25. Pizza Toppings

Pizza Toppings
How does that autocorrect even happen?

26. Doug Not Drugs

Doug Not Drugs
But what if DOUG brings the drugs? Is that okay?

27. Don't Kill My Vibe

Don't Kill My Vibe
Nothing like getting a text message from your mother about her vibrator to totally kill your vibe.

28. Pregnant...Again!

Oh, mothers. They have such a way with words.

29. Thug Life

Thug Life
Do these come in a heart-shaped variety box? Because we totally hate the ones without nuts.

30. PENIS!

This is an emoji we're pretty sure is coming soon, right? We have poop, so why not a penis?

31. Vagina Mom-ologues

Vagina Mom-ologues
If parents can't be trusted with text messaging they certainly can't be trusted with emojis.

32. Nana Said WHAT?

Nana Said WHAT?
This is a nana we HAVE TO meet. She sounds awesome.

33. Recipe For...

Recipe For...
This is a recipe for never being able to look your mother or daughter or son or whoever in the face ever again.

34. Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars
Are code for "mom can't text to save her life."

35. Ducks Have Jackets?

Ducks Have Jackets?
What even is this? Is this some sort of code language? Should we run for cover? What is happening here?

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