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Earlier this week, we learned that Anna Cardwell is pregnant with her second child, and that perennial Mother of the Year candidate Mama June Shannon is less than thrilled by the news.

She expressed her misgivings on Instagram in her usual Mama June-speak:

“They r too young to have another one i will support her and Michael but katilyn will always b gigis first baby. im not going to sugar coat its im nervous for them as i know they r struggling with just them and katilyn right now and adding another one is going b hard.”

Of course, June is hardly one to talk, as she hasn’t always made the greatest parenting decisions herself. (Remember that time June exposed her kids to a child molester? Yeah, we tried to block it out, too.)

While the rest of the Shannon family generally kowtows to Mama June for reasons we’ll never quite understand, her kinda-brother-in-law Uncle Poodle has never been afraid to go toe-to-toe with the former reality star.

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The Mama June-Uncle Poodle feud went nuclear during June’s relationship with convicted sex criminal Mark McDaniel, and Poodle is still firing shots every chance he gets.

“June didn’t need to cast a cloud over their happiness,” he says. “I think she just wanted to spoil their good news…Anna has been a better mother than June ever was to her.”

It might sound like Uncle Poodle is just offering up his opinion, but considering June dated the man convicted of molesting Anna after he got out of prison, his criticism is pretty an indisputable fact.

There’s almost no way that Anna could turn out to be a worse mom than June, and yet June still sees fit to throw shade. Fill in your own joke about how Mama June’s girth enables her to throw a whole lot of shade.