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Is Brandi Glanville about to be fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

It’s not the first time this has been rumored, but is this time the most legitimate?

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According to reports, the reality TV star and Bravo celebrity spitfire is shaking in her boots and afraid she is about to be canned, and soon.

Do we buy that? At this point we would say … yes and no.

No because brings the drama like no other and is nothing if not authentic … yes because some co-stars hate her.

No because she’s a ratings magnet, yes because if you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you know she needs the money.

Not the case for, say, Yolanda Foster. Or anyone else.

We’d be scared too if we were her, at least if producers gave any indication that she’s rubbed too many key figures the wrong way for too long.

Her bluntness and penchant for acting first and asking questions never are what landed her on the show in the first place, but this could still backfire.

Inside sources say the model is worried that it already has, and "is determined not to be left high and dry" in the event that the axe falls from above. 

"She’s putting a lot of effort in to her podcast, but what she really wants is a satellite radio show like Jenny McCarthy … that is where the real money is.”

Even that – along with her books, appearances and so on – hinges on whether Brandi Glanville has the show to fall back on, and push her brand.

Obviously, this is speculation, and there’s a lot of time left before producers decide who stays and who goes, but do you think she should worry?

And do you think she makes the show better or worse? Discuss below!