Josh and Anna Duggar Push For Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Arkansas

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Josh and Anna Duggar are pushing for a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Arkansas, the same policy that recently, and controversially, passed in Indiana.

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Numerous famous faces like Ellen DeGeneres, Andy Cohen, Bill Maher, Miley Cyrus and Ashley Judd have slammed the Indiana law in the past week.

Cyrus even called Mike Pence an a--hole, taking that state's governor to task for allowing such a backwards piece of legislation to actually pass.

Supporters deny this was their intent, but the law seemingly opens the door for businesses to discriminate against gay people, citing freedom of religion.

Suffice it to say that the RFRA, which sparked a national controversy immediately after it went into effect, has not proven popular with many celebrities.

Most celebrities are not the Duggars, however.

A similar bill in Arkansas, vocally supported by political activist Josh Duggar, proves that people's definition of "religious liberty" definition can vary widely.

"Take a stand for religious freedom in Arkansas - join the rally on the State Capitol steps at 12 pm today! @FamilyCouncil #RFRA," Josh Tweeted.

Wife Anna, who's currently expecting the couple's fourth child, Instagrammed a quote from Southern Baptist Convention President Dr. Ronnie Floyd:

"Religious liberty must be preserved for all persons. It is one of the major core values of our country which must never be compromised or distorted in any way."

"The leaders of our great nation must always lift high this founding principle of freedom for all Americans," Anna's quote concluded. "#FreeToBelieve."

Josh heads the conservative Family Research Council, an activist group that pushes for exactly these sort of laws, so his support is far from shocking.

Anna Duggar recently used Black History Month to attack abortion rights, so she's not afraid to insert herself into the political and cultural fray either.

In the wake of Indiana's PR nightmare, Arkansas lawmakers are reportedly scrambling to remove language from SB975 that could be seen as discriminatory.

Pence has vowed to do the same in his state, though given that such language seems like the entire point of the bill, it's unclear what a "clean" version will look like.

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