Anna Duggar Uses Black History Month to Promote Pro-Life Agenda

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The Duggar family's views on reproductive rights are well known, but they continue to make their strong beliefs known in situations that raise eyebrows.

Jessa Duggar compared abortion to the holocaust in a recent Instagram tirade that wound up being the cause of tense debate amongst her social media followers.

Last year, Jim Bob Duggar claimed that birth control causes miscarriages in one of the most controversial interviews the 19 Kids and Counting patriarch has ever given. 

Now, a more unlikely family member is getting in on the act ...

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None other than Anna Duggar stirred the pot this week, creating a bit of pro-life controversy of her own with her outspoken views on social media.

Anna, of course, is the wife of Josh Duggar - the eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle's 19 kids (and counting) and the mother of three kids (and counting) of her own.

Anna and Josh have decried abortion in the past, and Josh seems to have political ambitions that are inspired mainly by his belief in the pro-life movement.

So it's not surprising that Amy's been tweeting about her anti-abortion beliefs recently. What is surprising, is what she's chosen to make her point:

The beginning of Black History Month (February).

"Because of the violence of abortion, over 16 million black people are history," Anna tweeted. "Human beings should be remembered, not dismembered."

The tweet, obviously, received a mixed response.

Some believed that the pregnant Anna had gone too far over the line, while others felt she dared to make a powerful point by linking the two causes.

Either way, between the language Anna uses and her attendance at several recent anti-abortion rallies, it's certainly clear she feels very passionately.

Clearly, this is one Duggar in-law who won't be ostracized.

The staunchly pro-life reality family recently took part in a rally in their state capitol and shared a video in support of the #IStand4Life campaign.

It wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last.

The Duggar family is as steadfast as they are polarizing when it comes to the issues they care about, and we don't expect that to change anytime soon.

If anything, as their reality show and social media presence expand, look for them to use their enhanced platform to express themselves even more fervently.

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