Chris Brown: Trying to Get Kylie Jenner and Tyga Back Together?!

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Following a week of bizarre baby mama drama, it looks as though Kylie Jenner and Tyga have broken up.

It all started when Blac Chyna posted a text conversation with Tyga in which he appeared to be scheming on some down-low ex-sex.

Sources say the 17-year-old reality star was understandably not pleased by her man's creepin', and even Tyga tattooing Kylie's name on his arm wasn't enough to save the relationship.

But while T-Raww's grand, idiotic gesture was a case of too little, too late, the great romantic of our times might be able to use his deep understanding of the female heart and mind to make things right:

Chris Brown: Green Hair Photo
Tyga and Kylie Photo

Yes, Chris Brown is getting involved and it seems he's using all his clout (not literally, we hope) to get Chyna to back off so that these two age-inappropriate lovebirds to get back to building their creepy nest together.

"Chris considers Tyga to be like a brother and there is no way in hell he is going to let a brother get jacked up like this without helping," a source tells Hollywood Life. "He can see the damage that Blac is doing to his boy and he had to step in and intervene.

"Chris reached out to Blac and asked her to chill out. He knows she's upset at Tyga and Kylie and wants to hurt them. She won't listen to Tyga, but maybe she will listen to Chris."

When Chris asks you to "chill out," it's a bit like Don Corleone making you an offer you can't refuse. Sure, he sounds calm, but you don't wanna find out what will happen if you say no. 

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