Tyga Begs Blac Chyna to Take Him Back in Text Conversation!

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Yesterday, Blac Chyna mocked the Kylie Jenner lip challenge with a ridiculous selfie intended as a shot at her 17-year-old romantic rival.

Today, Ms. Chyna upped her game by instagramming a conversation between herself and her baby daddy, Tyga, in which the rapper (who happens to be Kylie's boyfriend) begs her to take him back:

Blac Chyna-Tyga Conversation

"I want to be with you. I want to be positive," Tyga apparently texted to Blac. "I want to be a family again. I want to start this friendship. Relationship."

Of course, Tyga and Kylie have yet to confirm their relationship but the whole world knows they're committed to one another, and Blac knew exactly what she was doing when she posted this convo.

The Blac Chyna-Kylie feud dates back to when "Kyga" became a thing last year, but it looks like Chyna may have just put an end to the beef by going nuclear on Tyga and Kylie's romance.

Kylie's fans have already rushed to her defense claiming that the screen shot could be from any time.

While it's true that the timestamp on the texts reads only "yesterday," the photo of her work schedule that Blac texted to Tyga appears to be from April of 2015.

Tyga has yet to directly respond to the accusation that he's attempting to reconcile with Blac, but he recently tweeted, "Give it up. Get over it. Live your life."

Sounds like Tyga may soon be living his life as a single dude.

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