Big Sean on Justin Bieber: There's No Feud! The Tweet is a Fake!

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Earlier today, we reported that Justin Bieber groped Ariana Grande on stage, and her boyfriend Big Sean was understandably upset about it.

Now it seems that only the first part of the story is true.


The Biebs definitely did get handsy with Ari (There's photo evidence and everything.), but apparently, Sean was totally cool with it.

A rep for the rapper tells TMZ that the tweet in which Sean threatened Bieber was a fake, and the two artists are 100% on good terms with one another.

Many have pointed out that the tweet did appear to have originated from Sean's account (quickly gaining over 5,000 retweets), and it was suspiciously deleted not long after it was posted, but it seems that however he felt last night, Sean wants no part of any Bieber beef today.

Sean and Ariana confirmed that they're dating in October of last year, and there have been rumors that they're discussing marriage.

So it's not hard to see why he may have been upset to see Justin's hands going south of the border while he was grinding with Ari on stage.

Then again, Sean's biggest hit is a collaboration with the Biebs, so like so many others in Hollywood, he's kinda obligated to kiss some Bieber ass.

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