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Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance during an Ariana Grande concert in LA last night, and the Biebs being the Biebs, he got a little handsy with the main attraction. 

As you can see in the video below, Ariana was clearly not enjoying Justin’s advances.

The Hollywood Gossip

Her obvious disgust may have something to do with the fact Ariana is dating Big Sean. Or maybe she just doesn’t enjoy being groped in front of thousands of young fans. Dames, am I right?

Whatever the case, Ari’s dude definitely did not appreciate the performance, and he made his feelings known on social media with a tweet that he deleted just minutes after posting it: 

"This kid is about to learn not touch my girl like that. Beliebe that," Sean tweeted last night.

Like we said, the tweet wasn’t up for very long, but we’re guessing Bieber got the message.

At the risk of sounding like sitcom parents, we’re a little disappointed in Justin.

We’re supposed to be living in the age of a new and improved Bieber

That Comedy Central Roast was supposed to have set Justin straight, and just a couple weeks after it aired he’s out groping dudes’ girlfriends on stage.

To make matters worse, Bieber and Big Sean collaborated on Justin’s single "As Long as You Love Me." He must not have gotten the inter-office memo about not going for the vadge-grab on your co-workers’ girlfriends.

UPDATE: Big Sean denies feuding with Bieber and says the threatening tweet was a fake! Sounds like this beef is over before it even got started.