True Detective Season 2 Trailer: Colin Farrell's Mustache FTW!

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Back in March of 2014, the first True Detective season finale crashed HBO Go with a glut fans dying to find out the identity of the Yellow King, and hoping to finally learn what sort of insects were living in Matthew McConaughey's ponytail.

Now, it looks like the long (long) awaited season 2 will offer up the same mix of darkness, mystery and questionable choices in hairstyles.

The first trailer for TD2 hit YouTube today, and while it doesn't tell us much, we think it's safe to say Vince Vaughn won't be playing the manic funnyman this time around.

The news that Vaughn and Colin Farrell would star in the acclaimed HBO series' second season was announced back in September.

Shortly thereafter, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch officially joined the cast.

The trailer confirms that all four will play central roles in season 2, and it seems to suggest that the plot will center around the LA transportation system, as creator Nic Pizzolatto hinted last year.

Doesn't sound quite as thrilling as mysterious cult killings on the Louisiana bayou, but we trust it'll pack some surprises along the way.

Hopefully someone will make tiny people out of Lone Star beer cans at some point. We never get tired of that.

If you can't wait until the June 21 premiere, take a trip down memory lane with some old True Detective season 2 memes. Those were simpler times:

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