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Could Beyonce singing to unreleased Jay Z music have hit a nerve? The super star has only gone and dropped a brand new song, which is accompanied by a video.

The occasion for this new song? To pledge her love to her man of course!

Beyonce - Die With You

The singer isn’t opposed shocking her fans. She did nearly break iTunes with her surprise album last year, and the track really is a powerful one.

It’s up there with some of her best, but there’s a catch. A major one.

"Die With You" is being exclusively released through Jay Z’s new and controversial streaming service, Tidal. Should’ve seen that one coming, right?

We don’t doubt that fans will be rushing to get their hands on it, but this really feels like a publicity stunt to benefit Tidal, rather than Queen Bey herself.

The mogul’s new streaming service hasn’t received the best reaction from the public so far and Madonna even found herself defending it last week.

Either way, Tidal subscribers have been promised exclusives from here on out; Alicia Keys has already put an exclusive video on streaming site.

Will it work out for the company? What do you think of Beyonce’s decision to make this new track a Jay Z Tidal exclusive? Hit the comments to discuss!