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Happy Easter, THGers!

On this holiest of holidays, we know many readers are spending time at church and with their families, honoring the miracle of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and reflecting on life.

Many are also likely partaking in Easter Egg hunts with the kids, and it is in this spirit that we present the following photo gallery.

For adults only, it gives parents around the world a chance to join in the fun of Easter commercialization… because it features a number of past Playboy bunnies.

Get it?!? Bunnies? On Easter?!?

You may be surprised to learn that certain mainstream stars were willing to pose for the cover of Hugh Hefner’s creation, from Mariah Carey to Goldie Hawn to Kim Kardashian.

Okay, fine. You may not be surprised by every ex-centerfold.

But put on some bunny ears now and be taken aback by the big names who have taken it all off.