Madonna Defends TIDAL Relaunch: It's Not About The Money!

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Madonna has publicly defended the relaunch of TIDAL, the music streaming service recently acquired by Jay Z.

Madonna was just one of the sixteen artists present to support the relaunch of the music streaming service which initially launched in October 2014. The service didn't quite meet expectations and to date has around 550,000 subscribers.

The stars have come under fire for signing a financial agreement that allegedly could better their financial gain, but Madonna has been quick to quash this theory by insisting that more information will be announced about TIDAL in the next few months.

"Tidal is not about consumption and greed! Its about protecting an art-form that is beloved to all of us MUSIC! #rebelhearts stand together for what they believe in," she posted on Instagram.

"Everything will be explained and revealed in time! Have Faith!"

"And remember nothing is for free! This is a universal LAW. Somewhere-Somehow-Someone has to pay. There is always an exchange. #truth. #tidal," she added.

The musician also gave fellow TIDAL endorser, Kanye West a massive compliment earlier this month.

TIDAL provides subscribers with lossless CD-quality audio and video in high quality for $19.95 / £20 per month and $9.95 / £10 for standard quality per month.

The service will also feature exclusive content for subscribers from all the talent involved.

Whatever you think about Tidal, or the future of the music business, you can always rely on Madonna to give her two cents and keep things interesting.

Whether she's comparing France to Nazi Germany, or flirting with Justin Bieber, or recounting how Tupac made her swear at Letterman, there's never a dull moment.

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