Beyonce and Blue Ivy Floss to Unreleased Jay Z Song: Adorable Swag Alert!

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Now that Blue Ivy is three years old she seems to have a bit more freedom around the Carter household.

These days, Blue is rockin' stunna shades, striking Beyonce-like poses for adorable selfies, and, of course, bumping her daddy's beats like the realest toddler on Sesame Street:

That's Bey and Baby Blue head-bopping to an unreleased Jay Z track that we're gonna assume is titled "Flossin.'"

We'll assume that Bey hit the pause button before Jigga finished his customary throat-clearing ("shyea,""uh-huh") and got to the actual rapping.

The alternative is that Jay has started dropping family-friendly rhymes to help kids with their dental hygiene skills, and we just don't wanna live in that world.

The Carters share the occasional cute highlight of Baby Blue's life on social media (Blue dressed as Michael Jackson for Halloween was one recent highlight.) but for the most, part she's kept out of the spotlight far more than most celebrity tykes.

Without throwing too much shade, we'll just say, you won't see Blue being dragged to any Fashion Week runway shows.

There's no word on when that Jay single might drop, or if it's part of the long-rumored Bey and Jay collabo album, so in the meantime we'll just have to listen to that five-second clip on repeat.

Hopefully, the verses contain some lines about periodontal health. That sh-t is important, y'all.

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