Andi Dorfman: Single, Ready For Fresh Start in Love, Life!

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After her broken engagement and subsequent move to New York, Andi Dorfman is opening up about live and love post-Atlanta and post-Josh Murray.

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You don't need The Bachelorette spoilers to tell you that things don't always work out after the show, even when couples seem head over heels in love.

Andi found this out first-hand over the past year, and the heartbreak stings.

Josh is gone, but luckily, she does have a new love: The Big Apple itself.

"I'm obsessed," she says of moving to NYC. "I kind of feel like I look like the biggest tourist here because I take pictures everywhere I am, and I actually live here."

"[I'm] like, 'Oh my God, I'm in New York. I live in New York.' It's awesome, just like the energy. Everything is very clear to me here. I just belong with the energy."

"I have to literally pinch myself every day."

"I think it's crazy to think that a year ago, where I was, and now, here I am living in New York City," she reflected. "Never would I have thought I would be doing this."

"But I'm definitely embracing it."

Andi says that she "was the girl who kind of went straight from high school to college, then straight from college to law school," so this is a new experience.

"I was working before I even passed the bar. So, I've never had the opportunity, and I've always envied my friends who went and traveled abroad."

Or, she says, "went somewhere else to a big city like this," but it's totally been worth it. "I'm finally doing it, and it feels good! I just want to let it find me."

That means taking a break from law, and getting a new start in the fashion world, or so she hopes. Says the brunette beauty of her latest career pursuit:

"Obviously, I want to get into fashion, and it's part of the reason that I'm here. I love fashion, always have. But I'm just seeing where things take me right now."

Dorfman and Murray shocked Bachelor fans with their joint split announcement in January, which she later opened up about with host Chris Harrison.

“I didn’t feel supported and empowered," she said of breaking up with Josh Murray.

"And I don’t think I gave him the support and empowerment that he needed.”

Obviously, both of them got engaged for the right reasons and thought it was going to work out, which makes the end of a relationship very upsetting.

At the same time, they don't seem to miss one another all that much.

In the meantime, Andi Dorfman has found support from her girlfriends, including Bachelor alums Nikki Ferrell and Sharleen Joynt, and her own family.

What does the future hold for her? Time will tell, but we don't imagine she'll be single long. As for how other Bachelor and Bachelorette duos are doing?

See who's still together and who's not in the gallery below!

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