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When Rob Kardashian compared Kim Kardashian to "the b-tch from Gone Girl" in the Instagram post heard ’round the world, he did so much more than just liken his sister to an entitled, psychopathic narcissist who willingly destroys her own family. 

He set off a family feud, the likes of which Steve Harvey never imagined. Now the sides are being chosen, and the survey says it’s payback time. (Sorry.)

Yes, the war between Rob and Kim is just getting started and sources tell Radar Online that fellow Kardashian whipping boy Scott Disick is taking Rob’s side, and they’re planning to…well, they’re probably just gonna get really effed-up and bro down, but what a bro-down it will be!

Scott has already declared his allegiance by Instagramming the following photo collage that looks like a montage from Brokeback Mountain 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold.

Scott Disick, Rob Kardashian Collage

"Scott totally has Rob’s back in this and even though he was in rehab when it all went down, he was beyond happy when he saw it, because he couldn’t agree with Rob more," says one insider.

"Scott cannot stand Kim and he only tolerates her because he has to. They have never seen eye-to-eye on anything and Kim has always tried to do anything she can to get him out of the picture, such as the time she hired private detectives to try and catch him cheating on Kourtney."

Damn. From the sound of things, Rob is just a little jelly of his well-jellied older sis, while Scott has legitimate reason to dislike Kim.

Of course, if Rob and Scott think this will be an easy battle, then they’ve dramatically underestimated their opponents.

Yes, it’s about to be mortal kombat, and Kim and her krew are well-equipped with weapons of ass destruction that will not be hard to find.

Team Scott and Rob better recruit Lamar Odom, Kris Humphries and Jonathan Cheban quick, before they all meet with unfortunate "accidents."