January Jones: Topless in Stunning Photo Spread

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If you've been anywhere near the Internet for the past two weeks then you're well aware of how psyched Game of Thrones fans are about the fact that winter is coming.

Meanwhile, a smaller and far less vocal group is equally excited about the return of January.

We're talking about January Jones, who will reprise her role as Betty Draper when the final episodes of Mad Men begin airing on AMC April 5.

We apologize for the awful name pun, but we're sure you'll forgive us when you see her pictorial for Violet Grey magazine that we've compiled for your viewing enjoyment. (Pro tip: Keep clicking. She's naked in one of them.)

Remarkably, this isn't the first time that January has gone nude for Violet Grey. It seems to be a sort of Mad Men pre-premiere tradition, which makes us long for more seasons just as much as our fear of parting ways with Peggy Olson and Roger Sterling.

Of course, the dark cloud hanging over this year's return to 1960's Madison Avenue is the news that Jon Hamm was treated for alcohol addiction in an unfortunate case of life imitating art.

It's been the pink elephant in the room during all Mad Men discussions this week, but we think it's best to focus on the fact that Hamm has sought treatment and will no longer be triggered by Dick Whitman's heavy boozing.

Yes, we here at THG prefer to focus on the bright side:

Mad Men is coming to an end, but we still have seven more episodes. January Jones isn't naked for the last time; she's naked for the first time this year. The whiskey glass isn't half-empty; it's half-full!

Unless you're Jon Hamm, in which case, there is no whiskey glass - just go call your sponsor.

Watch Mad Men online for more booze, sex, and even the occasional ad campaign.

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