Scott Disick "Not Done Working" on Himself, Plans Return to Rehab (or So He Says)

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Despite having bailed on rehab for the umpteenth time in Costa Rica last week, Scott Disick plans to return to continue his treatment ... or so he claims.

The Lord Relaxes

The 31-year-old checked into the Rythmia Life Advancement Center to deal with an undisclosed ailment, only to bail on rehab for a hilarious reason.

Citing his very busy work schedule - his "work" being to party and get paid for it - Scott up and left the treatment center after about a week there.

His first stop back home? The friendly confines of ... Las Vegas, Nevada.

Obviously, the oft-troubled reality star was asked about this when Disick hosted a party at 1OAK nightclub at the Mirage Resort and Casino this weekend.

Quoth the Lord, addressing the apparent incongruence of his actions:

"Everybody was under the impression that I was going to Costa Rica for a month for something, but the truth was I was never planning to go for a month."

"I was planning to go for as long as I went, which was the week.

"I went to work on myself, and I'm not done working on myself," he said. "And I actually plan to go back to the place because I think it's an amazing place."

Of the criticism he faces, Scott adds, "It's just sad that people always want to look at the negative side of things when no one really knows the true story."

"It is what it is, sometimes it gets in the way but no big deal."

A source told E! News after he abruptly checked out of the rehab center that Disick expected to return "sometime soon as part of his ongoing therapy."

We're not holding our breath, given his track record, but he insists things with him are just fine and that the media blows everything out of proportion.

Despite talk of a breakup with Kourtney Kardashian being imminent in the wake of his latest antics, Scott says he and his longtime partner are doing well.

"Yeah, she's supportive," Disick said at 1OAK. "I mean, look, everyone knows I've struggled in the past with a lot of different things and I'm a work in progress."

"Listen, I'm not perfect and never claim to be, [so] I don't know why anyone is like 'Oh Scott is doing this' because yeah, it's no different than any other time, so."

"Any time I can try to better myself, I'm trying."

Rythmia Life Advancement Center put out a statement from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians mainstay March 16, praising its alternative methods.

"I realize my issues are bigger than me and I'm ready to truly remedy this struggle I continue to battle," Disick was quoted as saying in a press release.

"While I have been unconvinced in the past of treatment and therapy methods," Scott says, "Rythmia's rehab approach puts my worries at ease."

At least until there's a hot club to hit up.

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