Scott Disick's Hilarious Reason For Leaving Rehab Revealed

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Last week, Scott Disick checked into rehab following the sort of bender that would put a lot of people off the sauce for life.

Scott was found drunk and barefoot, wandering the lobby of an Atlantic City hotel and casino. He was escorted to his room and missed his check-out time and his flight the next day.

Cool story if you're a newly-legal frat bro. Not so cool if you're a 31-year-old father of three.

Scott Disick in Da Club

Scott checked into the Rhythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, where he intended to treat his addiction by munching on the hallucinogenic roots of the African Iboga tree. (Seriously.)

Unfortunately, even fun-sounding rehab is still too rehabby for the Lord, and Disick checked out of rehab last night so that he could party at some Costa Rican clubs.

Scott's got a long history of bailing on rehab, and we're sure he's got a great reason every time. (Actually, most of the time it's probably just, "There was no booze.")

This time, however, he busted out the most hilarious, most unbelievable, most Scott Disick excuse of all time. We're pretty sure he's just trolling us at this point:

"Scott says he has a very busy work schedule," a source tells Radar Online. "He doesn't think he has more than a week at a time to dedicate to treatment. He plans to go back when it's convenient for him."

That "work" is appearing at nightclubs and getting paid to get hammered.

Yes, not only did a guy with no job quit rehab due to his busy work schedule, but a guy with life-threatening addiction to alcohol is eager to get back to appearing at nightclubs.

Again, it's tempting to laugh, until you remember the whole 31-year-old father of three thing. 

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