Zayn Malik Quit One Direction Because of ... Drake?!

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If you live on Earth and have a functioning set of ears and/or eyes, then you've probably heard by now that Zayn Malik quit One Direction last week in a move that shocked more teenage girls than the Justin Bieber Roast.

There have been plenty of rumors as to why Zayn parted ways with the rest of 1D, but despite some contradictory reports, it's widely agreed that he wished to embark on a solo career and felt that the band was holding him back.

That theory was bolstered last night by the release of Zayn's first solo single.

Yes, it seems Mr. Malik isn't wasting any time getting back on the charts, and his new song may finally put to rest any suspicions that  Zayn quit the band as a result of his relationship with Perrie Edwards

Of course, Directioners need to have someone to condemn for Zayn's departure, so with Perrie being cleared of all charges, the blame has shifted to Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham.

Zayn Malik is Cute
Drake Clippers Game Photo

Yes, sources say Drizzy has been a major influence on Zayn over the years - so much so, in fact, that Zayn may have ditched 1D in hopes of emulating the most sensitive thug in the game.

"Zayn has been listening to a lot of Drake," a source tells Hollywood Life. "He's always been a big fan. He's hoping that some of the magic will rub off on him, and he'll be able to put together an album to rival his inspiration on the R&B charts."

We're hoping for Drake's sake that he's not actually responsible for the dissolution of One Direction. There's no way the pillowy-soft Canadian crooner would be able to survive having that many girls mad at him at once. 

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