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Earlier this week, while performing at the 2015 BRIT Awards, Madonna took a major fall of the stage.

But that’s nothing compared to the fall from grace she believes France is suffering from these days.

Speaking to French radio station Europe 1 today while overseas, the Material Girl said ongoing xenophobia and anti-Semitism rising across Europe at the moment “feels like Nazi Germany.”

Madonna especially laments France’s decline from a nation that once “embraced everyone and encouraged freedom in every way” to a country featuring a “level of intolerance so enormous it’s scary.”

"We’re living in crazy times,” the legendary artist said, adding that “anti-Semitism is at an all-time high” in France, which has been the site of several recent high-profile attacks by Muslim terrorists.

In 2012, Madonna spoke out against the rise of intolerant beliefs and far-right political parties in the same area, including the Marine Le Pen-led National Front in France, which Madonna outlined as “fascist.”

But she also got into trouble that year when she used Nazi imagery, most prominently a Swastika, as a way to get this same message across in concert.

And in another controversial recent statement, Madonna slammed Fifty Shades of Grey because she said its sex scenes were totally mundane and boring.

Say what you want about the singer, but she does not hide her opinions!