Courtney Stodden Posts Nude Instagram Selfie: Double-Ds on Display!

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Thanks to Instagram, Courtney Stodden's giant boobs are all over the Internet, every single day.

Usually, we get Courtney in a tiny bikini, but today the model/aspiring singer/reverse cradle-robber took things a step further by going fully nude:

Courtney Stodden Nude Selfie

Sure, we've seen Courtney naked before, but she never treated us to quite so much side-boob in the past.

Court captioned the above photo, "A lil secret: I LOVE skinny dipping." We're sure her neighbors are okay with that.

Usually, it's not advisable to swim by yourself, but since Courtney has two giant flotation devices on her chest at all times, there's really not much risk in her drowning.

You might assume that someone is there to snap photos, but given the insane amount of selfies that Courtney posts in a week, we're guessing she just sets a timer on her phone and chooses the most boob-tastic pose.

Yes, her much older husband Doug Hutchison is pretty much wrapped around her little finger, but we can't imagine he consents to being her 'round-the-clock photographer.

Although, if you had to take a few dozen photos of something every day for the rest of your life, you could pick a worse subject than scantily-clad Courtney. 

And besides, it's not like Doug works, or anything.

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