Courtney Stodden Flaunts HUGE Boobs in Tiny Bikini on Twitter

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It's been a while since we've talked about Courtney Stodden's giant boobs, but don't worry - she's still putting them on full display every chance she gets.

Throughout most of the country, bikini season is still a few months away, but in Courtney's mind (and on her Twitter page) it's always a good time to prance around in a barely-there swimsuit.

Courtney Stodden Bikini Image
Courtney Stodden Boobs Selfie

Courtney posted the above pics on Twitter over the weekend with a caption reading, "Ready for Summer!!! Feeling like a lil Lolita!"

Yes, Courtney is (probably unwittingly) making reference to a book in which a grown man falls in love with a child, but considering she married a 51-year-old when she was just 16, the allusion is not completely out of place.

And who cares about the caption anyway, right? If you're going to Courtney's social media pages for the words and not for the gargantuan fake breasts then you're doing it wrong.

What's really important is that the rumors about Courtney having her implants removed turned out to be bogus and she's still a huge of semi-nude selfies.

At this point, Courtney is famous for no other reason than the fact that she has big boobs and enjoys showing them to the world. And for that, we thank her.

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