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We all know that Jessica Simpson likes to party.

The now-classic drunk Jessica Simpson video from last summer is pure Internet gold, and it was even rumored that Jessica was hungover at her own wedding.

Since settling down with Eric Johnson, Jess seems to have cooled it on the booze a bit, but it looks as though she may have been up to her old tricks at Teen Vogue event held last night:

Jessica Simpson Slurs Her Words

Okay, it was probably a little inappropriate for Jess to show up tipsy to a teen-themed event, but at least she looks great!

The slurred words and rambling responses are pretty amusing, but the best part is seeing Jess totally zone out while the interviewer is talking and then snapping out of it when she realizes it’s time for her to answer. The girl is a pro.

Jessica’s a businesswoman, wife and mother, and with the amount she’s got on her plate, we’d say it’s fine for her to knock a few back to take the edge off, as long as it’s not something she makes a nightly habit of.

And if Jess getting a little lubricated will lead to more racy, Fifty Shades-inspired Instagram selfies then we’re all for it. Someone get her another round!