17 Best Looking Boy Banders: And the Sexiest Singer Is...

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Earlier this week, Zayn Malik quit One Direction, causing the boy band genre to lose one of its best looking members.

But did it lose its best-ever member? That's what we're here to find out!

Over the years, some new kids hung out on the block... a bunch of young men were in sync... and the temperature increased to 98 degrees any time a few other artists entered the room.

All of these groups could carry a tune, but let's face it: their popularity had more to do with their six-packs than their scales.

In this featured photo gallery, we've included one singer from 17 of the most successful boy bands in music history.

Some left a lasting impact. Others came and went. But all caused women around the world to squeal in delight at one point - and now we want to know:

Who is the boy band member with whom you most want it that way... if you know what we mean!

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