The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16 Recap: Bang! Bang!

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Did Deanna cast out Rock from Alexandria? Did Glenn become the show's latest casualty? Did Gabriel get what he deserved?

Forget asking questions. Let's get right to the answers that were prevalent on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16, shall we?

We opened with Morgan beating up a dude with a “W” written on his forehead. He said the letter stood for “Wolf” because, many years ago, the first settlers in the region has placed bounties on the heads of these animals.

In Alexandria, Rick woke up and didn’t know if he should stop lying or take over the town. Nearby, Maggie tried to convince Deanna now to banish Rick, who later told Carl that he would do whatever it took… even if it meant killing a resident.

Prior to the town meeting on Rick’s fate, the leader admitted to Michonne that he, Daryl and Carol had taken guns and kept them from her. But Michonne insisted she’d always be on Team Rick.

Following a nice scene with Maggie, Glenn tailed Nicholas when he went into the woods (with his gun). Naturally, the first opportunity he got, Nicholas went ahead and shot Glenn.

But it takes more than one bullet to take out Glenn, who proceeded to attack his nemesis when a walker approached.

However, Glenn being Mr. Nice Guy, he ended up helping Nicholas escape.

Also in the woods, Gabriel pulled off the head of a walker (with a noose) and bashed in its skull. He then curled up in a ball and bawled. Later tasked by Spencer to close the gate behind him, Gabriel left it open.

He went back to to the chapel and told Sasha that Bob’s death was due to her sins. She would eventually pull a gun on him, only for Maggie to break things up and join those two in a prayer circle.

Daryl and Aaron, meanwhile, were trailing a poncho-wearing stranger, oblivious to events in Alexandria. They ended up getting into a car to avoid a bunch of walkers as a food processing plants, with Daryl volunteering to take them on in order to save Aaron.

But Aaron would hear of it.

As you’ll note when you watch The Walking Dead online, however, Morgan came along and saved the day. Aaron then invited Morgan to consider a spot in their community, though Morgan turned him down. He’s on his way to D.C.

We end at the town meeting, the one to which Rick did not show (because he was dispatching a walker who had wandered through the gate).

He finally arrived with the dead zombie over his shoulder and vowed to “show” everyone how to handle their undead rivals.

But then Pete entered… with Michonne’s sword in hand. He killed an intervening Reg and Deanna told Rick to “do it.” To go ahead and kill Pete.

Without hesitation, Rick shot Pete… just as Morgan appeared at the gate with Daryl and Aaron.

After the concluding credits, Michonne started wearing her sword again, while we saw the poncho dude (having been killed by Morgan’s attackers) walking past a vehicle with “wolves not far” spray-painted on it.

What did everyone think of The Walking Dead Season 5 finale?

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