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Those who tune in to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online this week will witness part one of that franchise’s reunion special.

And if it’s anything like past reality TV reunion specials, viewers better prepare for some arguments, some fireworks and possibly even some fisticuffs.

Because we’ve seen it all when Real Housewives get back together… or when scorned Bachelorette contestants talk openly about the Fantasy Suite… or when multiple Mob Wives are in the same place.

Over the years, major arguments have broken out over dead husbands, possibly gay husbands and a whole lot more, with hosts such as Joy Behar and Andy Cohen just sitting back and salivating over the shenanigans taking place in front of them.

Are these reality TV reunions gone horribly wrong? Or gone totally right?

Let’s face it: no one is watching these episodes to see the ladies all sing along to Kumbaya, are they?

So don’t be ashamed. Give in to your guilty pleasure. Click through the video gallery above and be thankful you aren’t anywhere near these scandalous stages.