Playboy Mansion Secret Tunnels Revealed: Which Male Stars Had Underground Access?

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The Playboy Mansion has long been the celebrity world's epicenter of debauchery, with several decades' worth of wild parties at which the biggest stars of the era would shed their inhibitions (and sometimes their clothes) for some confidential grotto shenanigans.

Hugh Hefner will turn 89 next month and these days, the Mansion hosts more movie screenings than orgies, but in its '70s and '80s heyday, Hef's place was the favorite palace of sin for Hollywood's top male A-listers, some of whom had a hard time leaving...

Hugh Hefner in a Tux

Yesterday, an article penned by Playboy editors revealed that the Mansion was once equipped with a series of underground tunnels, several of which led to the homes of famous actors who just couldn't get enough of Hef's house. 

Blueprints discovered in the Mansion's basement revealed that Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas and James Caan all had direct underground access from their homes at one point.

We're pretty sure every modern-day rapper can just sit down now, because it literally doesn't get any more baller than having a tunnel from your house to the Playboy Mansion.

None of the legendary actors has spoken about the bunny holes and it's likely they never will, but just knowing those tunnels existed fills us with a warm kind of nostalgia for a time when leading men could freely swim in the Mansion's disease-infested pools and sire secret love children with multiple cocktail waitresses on the same night.

Sigh. What a time to be alive.

Of course, it was also during this era that Bill Cosby hung out at the Mansion a lot, but that's a topic for another time.

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