13 Raucous Reality Show Reunions

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The gloves often come off and the fists often go flying during reality show reunions, such as the ones listed here.

1. Brandi Glanville vs. Taylor Armstrong

What earned Brandi Glanville the nickname Angry Spice in this clip from The Real Housewives of Orange County? Her reaction to Taylor Armstrong exploiting her husband's suicide. Awkward!

2. Porsha Williams vs. Kenya Moore!

This one will never be topped. Too much trash talk over Porsha's estranged husband led to the epic reunion fight to end all epic reunion fights.

3. Teresa Giudice vs. Caroline and Lauren Manzo

Ding! Ding! Ding! Sit back and watch Teresa Giudice take on Caroline and Lauren Manzo in this Real Housewives of New Jersey clip

4. Suzie Ketcham vs. Sandra Lopez

Warning: Someone is about to get doused by a bucket of water. AWESOME warning, we mean, of course.

5. Erica vs. The Twins

We'll just post this quote and then dare you not to watch the video: "You're an undercover ho that sucks d--k for red bottoms."

6. Brooks Ayers vs. Briana Wolfsmith-Culberson

While Vicki Gunvalson tried to get fans excited about her man during this Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Briana couldn't help but reveal a voicemail that left many jaws on the floor.

7. Jason Mesnick vs. Melissa Rycroft

It all worked out for the best in the end (both sides are now married with children), but Jason Mesnick broke up with Melissa Rycroft on air... for another woman!

8. Heather Chadwell vs. Daisy de la Hoya

Neither Heather Chadwell nor Daisy de la Hoya won Bret Michaels' heart. But they both won a spot on this countdown as a result of this Rock of Love showdown.

9. Joseline Hernandez vs. Althea Eaton

Everyone on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta really should have learned this lesson by now: you do NOT mess with Joseline Hernandez. This is why.

10. Drita vs. Ramona

Considering the Mob Wives brawl nearly every week, think of how extreme a fight must be to make this list. Then, sit back and watch how Joy Behar reacts to the fireworks.

11. New York vs. Everybody

When New York (aka Tiffany Pollard) came out on stage during this Flavor of Love reunion special, multiple cast members expressed their displeasure.

12. Andi Dorfman vs. Nick Viall

This is what happens when a Bachelorette runner-up tells the world that he had sex with The Bachelorette in a Fantasy Suite.

13. Stassi vs. Kristen

Only tears were shed during this Vanderpump Rules reunion. But plenty of tears were shed!

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