Suge Knight: Handcuffed to Hospital Bed, Possibly Near Death

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Things to continue to get worse for troubled hip hop mogul Suge Knight. 

Last week, Knight was arrested for murder after killing his friend Terry Carter in a hit and run.

Yesterday, Knight was rushed to a hospital after reportedly suffering a panic attack in court, shortly after he pled not guilty.

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Today, TMZ is reporting that Knight is currently handcuffed to his bed at Long Beach Memorial Hospital where he's receiving treatment for a potentially deadly blood clot.

The former Death Row Records CEO is on blood thinners, and normally a full recovery would be expected.

In Knight's case, however, this is just the latest in a long line of serious health problems, and he's not expected to be released from the hospital any time soon.

Knight nearly died from a blood clot that he suffered in a Las Vegas jail back in November. Prior to that, Suge was shot six times at a club during a VMA after party.

The persistent clots are believed to be a result of the shooting, and it is believed that Knight's condition is only getting worse.

Sources say Knight is under 24 hour surveillance during his hospitalization to ensure that he does not attempt to escape.

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