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It’s hard to think of a celebrity who had a better 2014 than Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey won Best Actor at the Oscars, starred in one one of TV’s most acclaimed series with True Detective, and even landed  a Lincoln endorsement deal that’s resulted in some memorably bizarre commercials.

Just a month into 2015, however, it seems the beloved actor’s streak of good fortune may have come to an end, as he’s being accused of some shady practices in one of his side businesses, and animal rights activists say it’s decidedly not alright, alright, alright…

TMZ reports that McConaughey owns a ranch in Mertzon, TX, along with his brother Mike.

The ranch breeds and sells horses and cows, but it also allows visitors to hunt whitetail deer.

The problem is, animal rights groups are claiming that since the deer are unable to leave the 22,000 acre ranch (there’s a high fence to prevent them from escaping) and they spend most of their time in the feeding area, they’re essentially trapped and baited.

Here are some sample Facebook posts on the topic:

  • “What a F–KING COWARD!”
  • “We lost all respect for you…This is NOT HUNTING…This is disgusting behavior for human beings!”
  • “NO MORE support for you Matthew in anything and everything you do.

Ranch managers – including Matthew’s nephew Madison – have spoken out and stated that the activists have demonstrated a lack of understanding for the ranch’s business practices and that the meat from the hunt is never wasted.

The actor himself has yet to issue a statement, but when he does, he might do well to remind fans that this is the same Matthew McConaughey who rescued a baby seal last year.