Richard Sherman Reacts in Horror, Tom Brady Jumps For Joy in Super Bowl GIFs That Say it All

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Miss the end of Super Bowl XLIX? Obviously not, but if you had, these two GIFs tell you everything you need to know about the shocking conclusion:

Richard Sherman GIF
Tom Brady GIF

The championship was in hand for the Seattle Seahawks. Or so it appeared.

Trailing 28-24, but with the football on the one yard line and the final seconds ticking down, all they had to do was hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch.

But they didn't do that. Instead, the unthinkable (play call) happened.

Quarterback Russell Wilson threw a pass over the middle, resulting in a stunning Malcolm Butler interception that clinched it for the New England Patriots.

Neither Seahawks all-pro defensive back Richard Sherman or Patriots signal-caller Tom Brady were on the field at the time their fates were sealed.

Despite that fact, or perhaps because of it, their priceless reactions to the pivotal play were worth a thousand words. Maybe even a million.

One could practically feel Sherman's agony as Seattle's second straight title slipped through his grasp, a defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

Out of all the sad faces in the world, no sad face has ever been sadder than Sherman's at that moment. Win or lose, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Last year's Richard Sherman rant? This was almost as epic. And Brady? What needs to be said about his equally awesome, but opposite reaction?

The 37-year-old future Hall of Famer looked 37 going on 7, reminding us that football is only a game, and those who play it are all young at heart.

Here's one more look at the stunning play that capped off one of the wildest Super Bowls in recent memory, and prompted the all-time GIFs above:

How do you not give the ball to Marshawn Lynch? Pete Carroll and legions of bandwagon Seattle Seahawks fans across the nation will rue the day.

No one involved will ever forget the day, however.

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