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Bruce Jenner has been hiding his true identity from the world for years, but after starting “intense” therapy last year, learned to accept who he really is.

That’s according to insiders close to his family, who say this therapeutic process “liberated” him and allowed him to pursue a new path in life.

One that includes a sex change operation and living life as a female.

Caitlyn Jenner for Governor?
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“The therapy was intense, and continues to be part of the transition,” an insider said of the Bruce Jenner sex change, which is an ongoing process.

“Bruce has embraced it and feels liberated,” the source continues, to look ahead with his head held high and “finally begin the life meant to be for him.”

Kris Jenner is in meltdown mode and fearing fallout, reports indicate, but beyond that, the support he has enjoyed has truly inspired the 65-year-old.

“Bruce has said if he had known the reception would have been so positive, he could have done it much sooner,” the source said of his transition.

As for why he wants to document his transition on a reality show?

“Bruce also wants to help other people dealing with gender identity [issues]. For so long he felt ashamed of who he was, and tried to change.”

“If he can help one other person, well that would be awesome.”

The Olympic gold medalist isn’t wasting time, that’s for sure. He is preparing to sit down with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, and sooner rather than later.

“Bruce will shoot an interview with Diane this weekend to discuss transitioning from male to female. The network is realy going to rush it through.”

“Bruce realized that there’s no longer any need to wait since his family already knows and the public is pretty much aware of what’s going on.”

Through it all, he plans to continue with therapy, because even though the support is widespread, “there is a lot going on in his life with going public.”

“The therapy has truly been a miracle for Bruce and he is so grateful for it. He just wants to handle this in the next few weeks with dignity and respect.”

We hope he’s successful, and most of all, that he’s happy.